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Diversity & Inclusion

Abeco Group of Canada is a leader in commercial real estate and financial services and strives to equalize opportunities, experiences and outcomes within our company, the industry and in the broader Canadian market for all.

Creating value through diversity. Be Different. Be You.

At Abeco Group of Canada, we respect and value people’s differences. We know that when people from different backgrounds and with different points of view work together, we create the most value – for our clients, our people and our communities. Abeco Group of Canada is committed to identifying removing barriers for all employees, no matter their culture or ideological differences, in recruitment, advancement and retention. 

Diversity & Inclusion

Company Policy

Abeco Group of Canada is committed to identifying removing barriers for all employees, no matter their culture or ideological differences, in recruitment, advancement and retention.

We strongly believe that there is no place for racism or discrimination against any group no matter the gender, religious or racial identity / affiliation. We believe in supporting our people from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures which help us see the world for what it truly is and Abeco Group maintains a zero-tolerance policy for any discrimination against any group inside or outside the workplace.

Diversity is an important value within our culture, where each employee is respected and valued for their differences. Abeco Group of Canada is committed to enhancing workplace diversity and fostering a workplace that is representative of the local population it serves. A diverse workplace benefits employees by allowing them to feel valued for their differences by the organization and creating opportunities for advancement while supporting their creativity and differing opinions. 

Diversity & Inclusion Policies | Abeco Group of Canada

Diversity & Inclusion Policy

Diversity Advisory Council

Abeco Group of Canada will strive to ensure diversity is represented in all areas of the organization including policies, procedures and practices from front-line representatives or contract workers to executives and board members. Our internal Diversity Advisory Council investigates and reports any gaps, opportunities and recommendations to company executives to enact change and promote diversity. This is but one plank in a broader global effort for Abeco Group of Canada to become an industry-leading Diverse and Inclusive Workplace.

Historically, certain groups of people experience barriers to employment and are underrepresented in the workforce. Underrepresented groups can include persons with disabilities, racialized minorities, women, Aboriginal people, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, non-binary and Transgender communities, and persons caring for elder and child dependents. The selection of these groups does not preclude the possibility of addressing systemic discrimination for other underrepresented groups. 

This policy applies to all employees and prospective employees of Abeco Group.  This policy is particularly relevant for employees who are in a position to make or influence decisions within the company.  Third parties who have business dealings with Abeco Group of Canada, including contractors and vendors of Abeco Group or any of its subsidiaries, are expected to comply with any provision of their contract related to diversity. We thank everyone who joins us in the push for equality and who strives to make positive change in their communities across Canada.

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